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Add an Event

We are currently experiencing problems with our Add An Event form. If you would like to submit a listing, please contact and include the following information:

  • Name of your event
  • Whether your listing is an event or standard listing
  • If it is an event, provide the the date, time, and if applicable, the recurring schedule (Mon-Fri, Every other monday, the 1st of every month, etc)
  • A sentence or two summary of your event
  • Another, more detailed description of your event
  • A list of categories your event is relevant to (Things To Do, Indoor Play, Arts & Crafts, Music Classes, etc.)
  • Whether or not your event is accesible to or can provide accomodations for customers/guests with special needs
  • Whether or not your event is free to guests
  • Which age groups your event is appropriate for
  • Which parts of town the event will take place in (Citywide, Arlington, Beaches, Clay Country, etc)
  • The address for your event
  • A phone number and/or email address where potential guests can contact you for more information
  • A link to your website, if you have one
  • A link to your Facebook page, if you have one
  • Attach up to 7 images you would like to have included in your listing

If you are interested in a premium/paid listing, you may also provide the link to a YouTube or Vimeo video to include on your listing, and up to 5 links to additional content, such as the FAQ page on your website, or a registration form.